International competitions at Light+Building 2004

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Light+Building, International Trade Fair for Architecture and Technology from 18 to 22 April 2004 presents innovative products and sophisticated system solutions as well as the results of numerous international competitions.
Design Plus is a prize awarded for outstanding products in the fields of lighting, electrical engineering and building automation. The products must combine functionality with aesthetic qualities in a particularly intelligent way. Additionally, special importance is attached to a purposeful ecological concept. For the first time, the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) has assumed responsibility from Messe Frankfurt for organising the competition on the occasion of Light+Building. All prize-winning products will be on show during the fair at the 'Design Plus' special show in Hall 4.2 (stand G41).
The Architecture and Technology Innovation Prize is being awarded by the 'IT' and 'Intelligente Architektur' trade magazines and Messe Frankfurt for the fifth time and goes to companies and architects / interior architects whose successful working relationship is characterised by mutual, integrated cooperation. The special show of the competition is located in the Galleria, level 1, Stand B04.
The 'Lights of the Future' design competition, which was initiated by the European Commission (EU) in 1999, is has been organised solely by Messe Frankfurt for the first time. With the EU now in the role of patron, the prize is given for innovative, energy-saving luminaires that are distinguished by first-class design. The aim of the EU competition is to increase the range of home-interior lighting with innovative, energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps. The prize-winning products are on display in Hall 6.2 (stand B45).
Besides the design competitions organised by Messe Frankfurt, several trade associations and institutions use Light+Building as a platform for presenting their prizes.
The Federation of German Interior Architects (Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten - BDIA) will present the German Interior Architecture Promotional Prize for 2004 in the 'Kontrast' room on April 21. The aim of the prize is to honour excellent work carried out at the end of a course of study and outstanding degree dissertations submitted for courses of interior architecture. Prizes are awarded for exceptional work on the subject of, "The aesthetics, function and atmosphere of interior rooms as part of the built-up environment with special reference to the physical, psychological and social well-being of people."
Also at Light+Building, the European Installation Bus Association (EIBA) will present the EIBA/KNX Award 2004 on Stand G30 in Hall 8.0 on 20 April.
The 'Idee per la luce' competition ('Ideas for Light') reflects the potential for creativity and innovativeness in the international lighting sector. The competition offers young designers the chance to present their work in an international setting (Hall 1.1) while, at the same time, giving luminaire manufactures the opportunity to find new approaches to lighting coupled with top design.
The Automation + Management for House + Building Group of the Association of German Machine and Plant Manufacturers (Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbau - VDMA) honours the best degree dissertations in the field of automation technology for technical building equipment. The prizes will be presented in Room Illusion 2+3 of the Congress Centre of Messe Frankfurt on April 22.
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