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New ownership of Optikinetics Ltd.

In partnership since 1970, one of the longest in the industry, Phil Brunker and Neil Rice, founding directors and shareholders of Optikinetics Ltd (based in Luton, UK), have passed ownership of this renowned manufacturer to Rob Stitcher. Neil and Phil will continue to serve OPTI as consultants to ensure a smooth transition and customer continuity.
 Said Neil Rice, “I am delighted we have found Rob, whose experience in business management will, I’m sure, re-energise and re-focus our future. The recent introduction of LED projectors has revitalised that side of our business whilst Trilite continues to be the de facto brand in the exhibition sector.”
  OPTI would like to ensure all customers of their continued support.
Neil Rice, Rob Stitcher, Phil Brunker (left to right)
Neil Rice, Rob Stitcher, Phil Brunker (left to right)
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