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Portable self-powered Pulsar loudspeakers by HK Audio

HK Audio Pulsar PL112 FA
HK Audio Pulsar PL112 FA
Entering the highly popular class of self-powered 1000-watt sound reinforcement systems, HK Audio introduces its portable Pulsar series of loudspeakers. The Pulsar series will be on show at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2014, Hall 8E60. Designed to deliver exceptionally transparent, balanced midrange response and powerful low-end punch, Pulsar systems are suitable for musicians and bands, especially those who value powerful reproduction of the human voice. The signal's transparency and balance is maintained even when the bass and master volume is increased sharply.
It took a tremendous R&D effort to achieve this performance. HK Audio's designers experimented and researtched for a long time and eventually devised an innovative, intelligent way of exploiting a next-generation DSP's capabilities for multiband limiting.
 "The PA cabinets are manufactured at HK Audio's St. Wendel headquarters," says Lothar Stamer, co-owner and head of R&D at HK Audio. "To set new standards for this class of speaker, we deliberately chose wood for the enclosures in combination with the integrated digital controller and the generously sized power amp circuitry."
The Pulsar line features two full-range models, the PL112 FA (12" woofer) and the PL115 FA (15" woofer) with 1,000 watts of bi-amped power each, and a hybrid subwoofer, the PL118 A (18" woofer), with a 600-watt amp and an onboard crossover.
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