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Peavey HIsys loudspeaker range for the European market

Peavey introduces its new and compact HIsys range which comprises five models -three full-range satellites (H10, H12 and H15) and two subwoofers (H15 sub and H18 sub), all of which have been designed to be as lightweight and versatile as possible, to create an easy-to-manage high performance system.
The HIsys range are the first Peavey enclosures to be manufactured in Italy, designed to provide high-quality, powered enclosures suitable for anything from a small bar gig to a dedicated live music venue or small outdoor space.
The 10-, 12-, and 15-inch satellites share a turntable horn and symmetrical design perfect for monitor use as well as standard applications utilizing a one-inch driver as well as 40-bit, 96kHz DSP for optimum performance. In addition, each offers presets such as Standard, Indoor, Monitor and Low Cut, the latter of which allows the enclosure to 'match' to one of the HIsys subs.
The [15- and 18-inch] subs are equipped with analogue processing. Supplying a stereo input which provides a total of two inputs and two outputs, no external processing is needed when matching a sub to a satellite. Additionally, there is a selectable crossover switch (80 or 125 Hz), a switch for the selection of the zero- or 180-degree phase, and a volume potentiometer.
The H15 satellite can reach 133dB and the H18 sub will peak at 135dB. The range benefits from Class D amplification and a large aluminium plate which strengthens the rear of each respective cabinet and acts as a heat sink for the amplifier so there is no need for fans which can be objectionable in quiet venues such as places of worship.
For easy transportation, all models feature handles and a stand support. The birch plywood cabinets come in a specially-designed black opaque finish.
Peavey HIsys H12
Peavey H12 active full-range satellite
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