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SD performance mixer for easy handling of audio and video

At ISE 2014, Amsterdam, Roland Systems Group launched the the next generation 4-channel SD performance mixer, the Roland VR-3EX. The VR-3EX will also be exhibited at Prolight + Sound show 2104, Frankfurt, Hall 8G54. The mixer features HDMI inputs/outputs, USB streaming, HDCP support, built-in touch multi-viewer, and audio mixer in a compact portable unit. Designed to be a live production switcher, the built-in audio mixer offers up to 4 frames delay to "lipsync" your video source. Scaling on the output allows for an output of up to 1080p HD Video and Audio quality. The VR-3EX features a simple interface that places the audio mixer on the left and the video mixer on the right for intuitive control of the audiovisual experience.
The buttons and knobs let the operator easily accomplish all the common tasks while the touch-screen monitor displays more-advanced settings and adjustments in a visual layout whicgh is clear and easy to understand.
The VR-3EX is designed for real-time operations and it makes video switching and audio mixing accessible to users with no specialized knowledge.
At event and studio venues, video equipment can include cameras, DVD players, computers, tablets, and more along with audio sources extending to microphones and audio players of any type.
The VR-3EX's variety of connectors for HDMI, RGB, and audio sources enable connection of a wide range of video and audio devices. The design enables the user to concentrate on the production without having to worry about controlling multiple devices at the same time.
Connecting the VR-3EX to a computer via USB enables it to record video and audio using the dedicated Video Capture for VR recording software or QuickTime. The recorded files can then be edited and/or uploaded to the internet. Live streaming software examples include Ustream, Livestream, Stickam,,,, and other streaming services along with video conferencing type solutions such as Skype and gotomeeting.
From speeches, seminars, and symposiums to live events and performances, the VR-3EX simplifies setup and production of video and sound.
Roland VR-3EX
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