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Lab.gruppen introduces LUCIA installation amplifier range

At InfoComm 2013 Lab.gruppen announced its mov into new territory with the launch of the install dedicated amplifier range, LUCIA. Addressing the specific needs of the AV contractor market for high quality, localized audio systems, the 2-channel LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) is a compact and versatile Energy Star compliant Class D amplifier platform, providing the features and sonic performance Lab.gruppen has become renowned for. Designed with speed of install and easy configuration in mind, LUCIA combines low-impedance amplifier electronics with advanced DSP in the smallest amplifier the company has ever produced.
For small-scale AV applications where high quality audio is required, without the complication and additional cost of a distributed system with centralized rack-mounted amplification, matrixing and processing, LUCIA offers systems designers a logical and cost-efficient solution, suitable for corporate boardrooms, classrooms and small lecture theatres, museum multi-media areas and retail units.
The range comprises of four models across two power configurations – 2 x 60 W and 2 x 120 W – each available with either 4-in, 4-out matrix-mixer and configurable DSP features (LUCIA 120/2M, LUCIA 240/2M) or in a basic 2-in 2-out configuration (LUCIA 120/2 and LUCIA 240/2). While all models are equipped with DSP pre-configured ‘out of the box’ for operation in typical applications, the Matrix variants also facilitate easy setup via USB connection (with Windows and Mac LUCIA configuration software) to unlock the full potential of the processing and mix-matrix to meet specific system requirements.
Featuring classic Lab.gruppen limiters and mastering quality EQ and processing algorithms evolved from TC Electronic’s System 6000, LUCIA is a synthesis of TC Group’s technologies. Among other advanced DSP features, the new Enhanced Bass Profile delivers improved LF performance from standard full-range in-ceiling or surface mount loudspeakers, to the extent that the need for a separate subwoofer may be negated.
These intelligent amplifiers also benefit from an Auto Load Sense feature, with the device automatically measuring the impedance of a connected loudspeaker load and adjusting itself accordingly to deliver full power, at all impedances (2 to 8 Ohms). All LUCIA models also come with intelligent fan control for silent operation at low volumes, and low-noise even at high output when fan is operational.
Lab.gruppen introduces LUCIA installation amplifier range
Klas Dalbjorn, Lab.gruppen’s Product Research Manager for Install Products, said: “LUCIA breaks new ground for Lab.gruppen, at the same time drawing on our knowledge and expertise in powerful, energy efficient amplification. Like E Series, LUCIA is Energy Star compliant, and is built upon proven Class D technology. The ease of install, ease of use and relatively low through-life cost make this a very compelling choice in today’s marketplace.”
Conceivably, each LUCIA model could drive up to 16 speakers on a localized low-impedance system (8 per channel – if the loudspeakers were 16 ohms). Tailor made presets will be available for Tannoy’s commercial loudspeaker ranges, along with additional hardware accessories to provide mounting flexibility.
DSP features include per channel presets for high-pass filter, parametric EQ, multiband compressor and look-ahead limiter. Further features are GPIO remote control for channel switching; integration with paging systems; comprehensive short circuit, thermal, and under-voltage protection; balanced and unbalanced (RCA) inputs; universal power supply operating at 100 to 240 V AC (50 or 60 Hz); and auto standby and wake-up with standby power consumption less than 1 W.
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