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Lutron to show its Energy Suite for significant energy saving

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.will show products from its new Energy Suite alongside its renowned residential systems for the first time at ISE2010, Amsterdam, stand 4N70. The company’s newly launched fully scalable Energy Suite has been developed to offer significant energy saving potential and sustainability in both new and retrofit commercial and residential spaces.
Lutron’s Energy Suite is fully scaleable and can control light levels and usage across multiple floors, whole buildings and entire campuses throughout corporate, industrial and public sector facilities, depending on an organisations specific requirements. Some of the commercial products included in the Energy Suite that will be on show at ISE include Lutron’s new Radio Powr Savr and Rania Wireless RF Switch, the GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless (multi-zone control unit) and Lutron’s Energi Savr Node QS.
  Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr and Rania Wireless RF Switch, is an innovative, wireless sensor and switch designed for easy installation. Designed to provide optimum savings by automatically turning the lights off when a space such as a conference room, small office, staffroom, classroom or cloakroom is unoccupied, the Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensor requires no wiring and can be installed in a matter of minutes.
GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless also forms part of Lutron’s Energy Suite of products and is a preset light and shade control system which allows for the easy adjustment of lights and shades in any commercial space. The system can connect directly to Lutron’s Sivoia QS shades solution and Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, or traditional wired sensors as well as DALI compliant output devices. This enables seamless integration and facilitates installation, reducing costs further and allowing the range to be easily retrofitted within existing buildings. It can also be integrated into third party devices for control of AV, HVAC and touch panel controls as well as Lutron’s Quantum total light management solution, for whole-building light control.
Lutron’s Energi Savr Node QS controls light by connecting occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and wallstations to DALI (digitally addressable light interface) ballasts. Additional Energi Savr Node QS modules can be linked together to allow integrated control of several floors. The system is totally scalable as it can be linked to Lutron’s Quantum solution for whole-building light management.
Also on the stand at ISE will be Lutron’s renowned range of residential electric light and daylight control solutions including HomeWorks, GRAFIK Eye QS, Sivoia QS and the newly launched Pico.
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