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D.A.S. introduces the M-75N neodymium compression driver

Debuting in theĀ Aero Series2 line arrays and the LX-218 subwoofer system, D.A.S. Audio has incorporated new loudspeaker components and compression drivers in its product line-up. The new components are the result of over two years of intense activity aimed at dramatically improving component performance and reliability.
The M-75N compression driver has been designed for use in high level applications. The driver employs a 75 mm (3") diaphragm manufactured from 0.5 mm (.0019 in) thick, pure titanium. Attached to the diaphragm is a 75 mm voice coil fabricated using copper-clad aluminum flat-wire, edge-wound on the former. The lightweight diaphragm and low mass voice coil assembly provide high efficiency, low distortion and fast transient response. A newly designed three annular slot phase plug has been developed for the M-75N providing the driver with exceptional acoustic coherence, clear performance and definition.
The motor system of the M-75N driver incorporates a copper shorting ring surrounding the pole piece which effectively reduces eddy current induced distortion with the added benefit of increasing the very high frequency output by reducing the inductive rise of the voice coil. With a throat geometry of 38.6 mm (1.52 in), the 8 ohm driver has a frequency range of 750 Hz-18000 Hz and an AES power handling capacity of 80 W (160 W Program Power) from 750 Hz and up. Sensitivity is specified at 108 dB SPL at 1W/1m measured using the D.A.S. BC-64 horn.
M-75 N compression driver
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