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DiGiCo launches 'small' but fully featured SD8-24 digital mixer

At PLASA 2009 in London, DiGiCo has once again launched a product which was designed to suit the industry’s changing needs - a console with an even smaller footprint than the bestselling SD8, but with no reduction in functionality or number of inputs and outputs. At under a metre in width, this is known as the SD8-24. “A lot of our customers in the corporate world were hard hit at the start of the credit crunch,” says James Gordon, DiGiCo’s managing director. “Recently, they’ve been telling us that work is starting to come back. This is great news and we wanted to do something to address the needs of the rejuvenating market. Designing a smaller footprint SD8, but without reducing any of its features, seemed the perfect way to do that.”
The SD8-24 has the fixed architecture of the SD8, employing the same smaller Super FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). DiGiCo has also applied Stealth Digital Processing to its entire SD range. This is the technology that allows it to process all mixing functions and reverb algorithms in one of the latest FPGA design components. A single chip processes an amazing amount of channels, providing more channel processing than can be found on any other digital live console.
The SD8-24 benefits from all the features available on the SD8, as well as some additional ones courtesy of the newly developed OverDrive software, which comes as standard in all new SD8 and SD8-24 consoles and is available as a free upgrade for existing products.
The SD8-24 is ideally suited to all applications where space is at a premium. These include regional theatre or installations that want to upgrade from existing consoles to benefit from vastly increased features, I/O capability and sound quality, but do not have the space for a larger footprint console.
Features of the SD8-24 include 48/8 Stage Rack and 100m Digital MADI snake, up to 60 mono or stereo channels with full processing (equal to 120 channels of DSP processing), 24 mono or stereo busses plus Stereo or LCR Master with full processing, open format and platform recording, 16x12 Matrix with full output processing, eight stereo floating point FX processors, two independent solo busses for monitoring, snapshot cue control with crossfade, 25 touch sensitive faders for instant control, touch screen control, full worksurface precision metering, networking and remote control, remote studio grade microphone preamplifiers, MADI connection, 24x32 bands of graphic EQ, offline and online session control, eight channels with four bands of dynamic EQ each, and eight channels of multiband compressor (mono or stereo equal to 48 Compressors). On board are eight Mic/Line inputs, eight Line outputs and eight AES I/O.
DiGiCo SD8-24
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