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Outline to introduce i-Mode technology

Outline i-Mode At PLASA 2009 in London, stand 1-G10, Italian manufacturer Outline will introduce its new i-Mode technology which has been designed to be an ‘intelligent’ platform dedicated to professional audio for a number of self-powered products. Outline i-Mode can be accessed via the rear of the loudspeaker as well as remotely. As of September 2009, it is available in models DVS 115 SW, DVS 118 SW, and LAB 15, with plans to implement it across a number of self-powered Outline products.
In addition to utilizing a powerful switching amplifier, Outline i-Mode provides complete and accurate loudspeaker control and reports all system parameters. Loudspeaker performance can be optimized for a variety of applications. Acoustic output, for example, is maximized while maintaining the lowest possible distortion levels. Thanks to the use of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and a built-in web server, users can control the sound system through any standard web browser. Additionally, a number of control parameters can be conveniently accessed via the loudspeaker’s rear panel and display. With standard IP-based communication, the i-Mode platform is truly future-proof, controllable via netbook, smartphone, and any future devices.
i-Mode operates on a Linux operating system with an Outline-customized kernel. Chosen for its extreme stability and compatibility, the operating system provides a robust foundation for i-Mode’s advanced functions. Audio conversion is done at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution.
As described by the Outline R&D team: "i-Mode is not just a simple amplifier module with embedded DSP. Development in the fields of computers and electronics have allowed us to advance to the next step in Outline’s vision: 'from the PC to the loudspeakers'. This vision has guided us to the realization of this platform.”

Also at PLASA 2009

Outline LAB 21 infra-sub will be shown for the first time at PLASA. The LAB 21 uses a hybrid waveguide and indirect radiation system. This design allows the single 21" driver to move two masses of air in one single chamber to give unprecedented results compared with its competitors.
Following in the footsteps of Butterfly's heritage, Mantas has been developed either as a stand alone cost effective line array or as an addition to Butterfly. Mantas, which has the same patented flying hardware as Butterfly, can be integrated into a Butterfly array to give 120 degree dispersion, thus providing infill/out fill duties. Mantas as a stand alone system combined with Outline's new T5 amplifier system becomes an entry level line array product for small to medium size rental companies and is ideal for many installations.
All DVS series cabinets are now available as either passive or self powered versions; 8-10-12 and 15" models will be on display.
Outline Oenarray 3D software can be used with all Outline product ranges. The advantage of Openarray is that DWG/EASE data can be imported directly into the platform and give the system engineer or designer a truly accurate prediction of what to be expected in live conditions. At PLASA, Outline will be hosting training sessions three times per day; each session will accommodate 10 people.
Outline Audiocontrol is a software platform that allows control of Outline’s T series amplifiers and also mini-COM.P.A.S.S. line array. When used with mini-COM.P.A.S.S. Audiocontrol gives the user a graphical interface between mini-COM.P.A.S.S. and all its functions-plus actual control of time alignment, phase and gain control. Training will also be offered during PLASA as part of the of the ongoing training programs instituted from now and for the future.
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