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Chamber of Commerce awards Master Audio for innovation

Terrassa’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry gives the Award for Innovation, Research and Development to Amate Electroacústica s.l., manufacturer of Master Audio professional sound systems based in the Barcelona area, Spain.
The Chamber of Commerce awarded the development and the design of a highly sophisticated measurement system that allows getting technical data of a speaker system’s frequency response behaviour in 3D. The project includes construction of an anechoic chamber of 420 cubic meters, fully automated robotic to measure speaker systems from up to 8000 different positions. One of the most advanced and largest anechoic space in Europe, it is possible to simulate free-field conditions allowing for a truly scientific and accurate approach to loudspeaker development.
The Innovation and Development Awards goes to entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of innovative and creative new methods and procedures which provide more efficient and cost- effective manufacturing.
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