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DiGiCo introduces Mach 2 software for SD7 digital console

At prolight+ sound show 2009, DiGiCo unveiled the MACH2 software suite, designed to unlock more power from the FPGAs in DiGiCo’s Stealth Processing engine. Mach2 will also be showcased at InfoComm 2009, in Orlando, Florida, booth #6373.
The Super FPGA preamp tube emulation DiGi-TuBe features full drive and bias control. Available on all 256 processing paths, including channels, auxes, groups or matrix with usage monitored via the DiGi-TuBe icon on the console’s screen when activated. A delay usage meter is also now shown on the meter bridge when this function is used.
Dynamic EQ is now available on all 256 processing paths and on all four EQ bands, effectively adding 1024 frequency driven dynamics to the console. These are individually switchable and can be easily monitored via the gain reduction/expansion meter.
Multi Band Compressor also is available on all 256 paths, adding an extra two compressors per path giving a further 512 dynamics to the console.
Another first are the 16 floating point stereo Super FPGA Stealth digital reverbs. Utilising the capabilities of SD7’s Tiger SHARCs, there are now up to 32 floating point stereo effects, including delays, choruses, pitch shifters, and more. This gives 48 stereo effects housed within the console. Even with today’s more compact outboard packages, this saves the equivalent of 48U, or 2.13 metres, of rack space and also alleviates the need for 96 inputs and 96 outputs for patching of effects.
Talk-to-buss with dim function was designed with the monitor engineer in mind, this is a dedicated talkback channel that can be routed to any aux buss, allowing direct communication to any wedge or in ear mix. When activated, this function also has the ability to instantly dim the audio to a particular mix by the desired amount required by the engineer or artist.
Eight bands of Parametric EQ are now available for all 128 busses for auxes, groups and matrix adding an astounding 512 bands of EQ to the console.
MACH2 is available free to all existing SD7 owners and ships in all new SD7 consoles.
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