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D.A.S. introduces its LX-218 range of subwoofer systems

D.A.S. Audio introduces its new LX-218 bass-reflex subwoofer system. The LX-218 high efficiency system is designed to provide exceptional output power of up to 142 dB SPL, bandwidth extension and distortion control. The new horizontal cabinet configuration incorporates two 18-inch long excursion speakers and third generation Class D amplifiers for the powered versions. The current range comprises four models; two passive, LX-218/218R and two powered, LX-218A/218RA. The “R” models incorporate a rigging system allowing for building flown line arrays with D.A.S. Aero systems.
D.A.S. LX-218
The rectangular enclosure is manufactured from 18mm plywood and is finished with a rugged polyurethane paint. A robust steel grille lined inside with black fabric protects the internal components. The LX-218 can be flown in array susing the optional KITR-LX218 rigging hardware kit which is compatible with D.A.S. Aero 38/38A and Aero 48 rigging systems since they have the same assembly structure.
The LX-218 can also be ground-stacked. Its PL-218S flat bed dolly eases transport. The enclosure is also equipped with M8 threaded inserts for use with a caster kit to be mounted at the rear.
The LX-218 incorporates two D.A.S 18LX long excursion loudspeakers featuring increased sensitivity and power handling as well as reduced distortion. The extended suspension enables higher amplitude without damage and also avoids back-waves in the cone, improving the loudspeaker’s frequency response while reducing distortion.
New pulps and additives employed in the cone manufacture improve its rigidness, resulting in increased power handling capacity. Maximum SPL levels are therefore increased and distortion is reduced. Improvements to its cover and spider make long excursions possible without compromising the fidelity of the system. The progressive restoring force of the spider increases the ability to recover when excessive movement in the voice coil occurs, protecting it against excessive power peaks.
Modifications have been made in the motor section to increase the height of the pole piece and the voice coil for greater linear mobility. Also, the increased dimensions provide improved heat dissipation and better power handling capacity as well as less power compression.
The D.A.S. powered models' 2400 W amplifier uses a third generation Class D design whose high performance switch mode power supply with microcontroller controls system parameters. Comprehensive system protection ensures reliability.
The optional DASnet input module enables the system to be used with digital audio input from the Cobra Net platform. This allows complete control over the system’s sound parameters through monitoring and the audio signal input using a simple Ethernet CAT5 cable, not to mention high quality multi-channel audio distribution.
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