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Nova steps into large live sound applications

Nova NR-M mit Ribbon Technologie At prolight+sound 2008, Craaft Audio introdcuced new Nova products including the Cocaine-System for large touring applications and the XACT series replacing the MF line of portable loudspeaker systems.
The XACT series comprises a broad range of loudspeakers, ranging from the compact MF 60 with 6“/1“-drivers to the MF 150 15“/1“-system. Digital versions of MF100, MF120 and MF 150 are powered full-range loudspeakers with integrated digital power amplifiers of 2x200 Watts and a switching power supply. All self-contained models feature an on-board audio mixer. For extended bass power the XACT series offers three subwoofers featuring 12“, 15“ and 18“ drivers with power ratings up to 600 Watts. The woofer systems have on-board passive crossovers for easy combination with any full-range XACT cabinet. Enclosures of all XACT loudspeakers are made of Multiplex with rugged, black texture finish.
Based on Nova's NRD Ribbon Technology, the new NM-R Active Ribbon System reduces HF-distortion considerably and delivers a smooth frequency response and pristine reproduction even at high levels. First models avaialble are NM-R (picture left) with a 12“ driver plus NRD and KH 1featurung 2x10“drivers plus NRD. Passive and self-powered versions are avaialble, the latter making use of a digital power amplifier of 400 Watts and equipped with integrated audio mixer. The active models provide a Speakon socket fo connecting a passive NM-R speaker.
The Cocaine Line Array marks Nova's entry into large touring applications and fixed installations. The CT 1 Fullrange Line Array Module contains seven coaxial drivers which all are aciustiucally connected to a single horn. This array combined with the patent pending midrange-unit achieves levels up to 146 dB with just one CT 1. All drivers have Neodym magnets, allowing for a total weight of 55 kg including integrated flyware. The matching CB 1 Sub features two 18“ Neodym drivers. Redrucing streaming noise and compression-effects even with high excursions of the diaphragms, the enclosure has a large ventilation aperture. All Cocaine enclosures are made of Multiplex coated with Polyurea.
Nova Cocaine CB 1 Sub
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