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Alcons Audio RR12 modular system for tightly packed arrays

Based on the company's R-Ray design study of 2008, the RR12 extends Alcons' line-source technology into a broader range of applications. Taking the pro-ribbon technology into a modular concept, the RR12 has been developed as "building block" to create tightly packed arrays for controlled sound coverage. Thanks to the pro-ribbon's cylindrical wavefront, no adapters are required to achieve perfect coupling for precise directivity up to frequencies beyond 20kHz. Alcons will showcase the RR12 at Integrated Systems Europe 2014, Amsterdam, Hall 6-N148.
Alcons Audio RR12 modular system for tightly packed arraysThe system features RBN602rsr 6" pro-ribbon driver,a custom-designed 12" woofer with 4" voice coil, and dual-spider suspension with forced-venting. While both transducers have Neodymium motor structures, the RR12 has a very high performance-to-weight ratio.
The specially designed 6" pro-ribbon driver is based on Alcons' RBN02 pro-ribbon platform which already enhanced the LR24 flagship line-array in power handling and efficiency.
The RBN602rsr is coupled to an asymmetric "Morph-Max" wave-guide, designed using the latest analysis/simulation software in combination with 3D-prototyping and special manufacturing techniques. The resulted is a non-compressing, resonance-free multi-cell guide with wide-band directivity control up to beyond 20kHz.
The trapezoidal cabinet is fitted with integrated mounting hardware, enabling easy array assembly from the rear of the cabinet.
Arranging tightly packed horizontal or vertical arrays for stacked or flown applications provides directivity in steps of 30 degrees - 30, 60, 90 or 120 degrees in the coupling plane by asymmetric 60-degrees (+20/-40deg) in the non-coupling plane.
The RR12 must be driven by the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers. Factory presets for each array configuration optimse the system's response. There alos are presets available for phase-matching low-frequency extensions. The SignalIntegritySensing pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the RR12 and Sentinel.
Utmost reliability of its systems is essential for Alcons. Each transducer/processing design has to pass a rigorous 1000 hour test at maximum (clip) levels.
Each array configuration can be simulated in the Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC), Alcons' high-resolution 3D simulation program.
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