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Easy setup of subwoofer satellite system with Dynacord PowerSub 312

Dyancord PowerSub 312 Showing at winter NAMM show 2008 and at prolight+sound 2008, Frankfurt, Hall 4.1 stand E70, Dynacord’s latest low-end power pack kicks out a combined 1300W, the PowerSub 312 not only delivers high sound pressure levels in the deep bass register but also the power for its satellite loudspeakers.
Boasting an integrated three-channel power amplifier with a total output of 1300W, the PowerSub 312 active 12" subwoofer was specially designed to allow the swift and simple creation of a subwoofer satellite system. Two passive satellite loudspeaker systems such as Dynacord D8 are connected to the PS312 via Speakon outputs. The "X-Over" switch offers a choice of three discrete frequencies for the crossover between the subwoofer and the satellites: 70Hz, 100 Hz, and 140 Hz. The "Sub Level" knob allows you to adjust the output of the PowerSub 312 upto +10dB.
The integrated lightweight 800W plus 2x250W digital power amplifier is perfectly attuned in every respect to the integrated Dynacord DND 12S400 woofer, maximizing dynamic range and audio quality while ensuring the woofer is invariably driven within its optimum working range. To provide further assurance that these operating limits are respected, performance is supervised by additional protective circuitry including voice coil protection, DC/HF protection, audio limiters, back EMF protection, and thermal protection. Together, these ensure that the PowerSub 312 continues to operate flawlessly—even in the most demanding or unfavorable conditions. The use of "Class D Digital Technology" ensures considerably less power dissipation than normal Class AB operation; thermal load on the components is therefore markedly reduced.
The robust multiplex enclosure is coated with 2K lacquer, an extremely scratch-resistant defense against rough handling during transportation and use. A robust powder-coated steel grille protects the Dynacord DND 12S400 woofer from mechanical damage, and all the control elements are recessed.
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