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Audiocore 8.50 control software launched at PLASA 07

XTA Electronics launched the latest version of its proprietary AudioCore control software, Version 8.50, at PLASA 2007. AudioCore software allows remote control of XTA’s current range of DSP products, with up to 32 units controlled via a PC computer using a wide Varity of XTA approved interfaces including RS485, USB interfaces and via TCP/IP (with suitable XTA approved adapter) and is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000, NT and XP.
Now, adding to an already extensive feature set, Version 8.50 is significantly updated with the addition of Array Control and sees the addition of yet more powerful control features. These include Global ganging, which allows users to control many parameters common to all units on the network in a seamless fashion. Bands of parametric EQ, gains or delays can all be grouped together, so adjustment to any band on any unit will automatically update all other units in the set.
However, sets do not have to contain all units - they are flexible as to which units, which inputs and outputs and which parameters are ganged together. Uunlike Array Control, these ganged parameters are absolute and all parameters in a set will be the same, whereas Array Control allows for relative gain adjustments.
A few other useful features have been added, such as the ability to disable real time metering. This is found in the File>Options menu, along with the choice of locking out the System Mute button and changing the PEQ bandwidth units to 'Q', Octaves, or ‘1/Q’.
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