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Peavey ships its FX2 Series mixers in Europe

Peavey Electronics started shipping its Peavey FX2 Series mixers in Europe. With twice the processing power of the original FX Series, these mixers feature new, Peavey-exclusive technology to enhance live sound reproduction and project studio recording.
Stocked with all the features for pro mixing, the affordable FX2 series includes 48 V phantom power and Silencer microphone preamps, which allow very high gain with low noise and distortion for clear signal reproduction. The 3-band EQ offers sweepable mid-frequency and variable low cut filters. The four pre-fader auxes per channel provide four monitor mixes, while the two post-fader auxes can be used for adding effects (built-in or outboard).
These mixers also include dual DSP engines that allow multiple simultaneous effects assignable to any channel via aux 5/6. Onboard effects include reverb, reverb enhanced, delay, compression, expander, de-esser, chorus, flanger, tube emulator, vocal enhancer and gate.
The digital output processing section includes Ferret Feedback Eliminator, dual 5-band Parametric EQ or dual 28-band Graphic EQs, digital delay lines, and dynamics/limiters. The output section can be configured for Stereo, Dual Mono or Subwoofer mode with a built-in electronic crossover.
The FX2 series features dual USB 2.0 ports. The “A” USB connector allows streaming of digital audio directly to a computer or memory stick as well as exclusive, built-in MP3 compression. You can record your rehearsals, songwriting sessions or live performances directly to an inexpensive USB stick – no other hardware needed. USB 2.0 “B” connection allows for streaming digital out.
There is a choice of 16, 24 (pictured below), or 32 input channels including two stereo channels with dual mic/line inputs respectively. The all new switching power supply design is more efficient than the original.
Peavey FX2 24 input channels
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