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D.A.S. Audio introduces highly versatile Convert series

At Prolight+Sound Show 2011, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, D.A.S. Audio unveiled their Convert series of products. The series comprises two models, the Convert 12A curved source array unit and the Convert 15A multi-function arrayable loudspeaker system. Both models are powered systems that have been designed to provide the user with maximum ease-of-use and flexibility.
The Convert 15A arrayable loudspeaker is a powered, multi-function system incorporating a series of features to achieve high versatility. The Convert 15A features an innovative system which provides user-definable dispersion characteristics, allowing the system to be deployed as either a curved source array or used individually as a point source.
As the Convert name implies, the horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics of the system can be 'converted' to meet the specific requirements of almost any application. This is achieved using the proprietary Digitally Convertible Dispersion (DCD) preset which modifies the horizontal dispersion of the Convert 15A from 20º to 40º. Vertical dispersion can also be altered using a combination of dispersion panels and digital presets to achieve 60º, 75º asymmetrical or 90º degrees of coverage.
The wide frequency range and high output of the Convert 15A is based on the D.A.S. designed and built transducer components. Low frequency reproduction employs the D.A.S. 15GNR4 loudspeaker, a 15” device incorporating a 102 mm (4”) voice coil and a light-weight neodymium magnet assembly. The Convert 15A employs the D.A.S. Array Coupling Device (ACD) for improved coupling between adjacent units when used in curved source arrays.
The M-60N neodymium compression driver is used to handle high frequency reproduction. The driver’s 44 mm (1.75") voice coil is made using copper clad aluminum flat wire attached to a urea polyamide diaphragm. Three M-60N units are attached to the new BPS-320 dSERPISTM trifunctional waveguide capable of providing optimum coherency as a horizontal or vertical curved source array or as a point source.
The Convert 15A employs an advanced package of integrated electronics that includes digital signal processing, component and amplifier protection and a new 2000 W, three channel Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPS). Remote monitoring is provided by way of the DASnet monitoring software.
The enclosure is constructed of birch plywood finished with the durable Iso-Flex black paint. Safe stacking is accomplished by way of plastic feet which inter-lock with fitting points to prevent slippage. Optional rigging hardware is available and can be used to form either horizontal or vertical curved source arrays. M-10 threaded rigging points are provided for use in permanent installations.
The Convert 12A is a curved source array unit for use in small to medium sized live events or permanent installation. The latest in Class D power amplification, digital signal processing and optimized D.A.S. components have been combined with enclosures designed for rapid deployment, precise coverage and high acoustic output.
Convert 12A
Convert 12A
The Convert 12A´s two-way design comprises a D.A.S. 12V4 loudspeaker, employing a 75 mm (3”) voice coil. Two M-60N neodymium compression drivers are attached to the SERPIS 25/112 waveguide which allows them to work together acoustically.
The Convert 12A´s two-channel Class D amplifier design offers 600 W of power providing extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range and very low distortion. This is made possible by employing 3rd generation Class D technologies and a switch mode power supply (SMPS). The high efficiency of the Convert 12A amplifier ensures cool operation so that no fans or bulky heatsinks are needed. Signal processing is accomplished by way of a powerful 24 bit DSP providing control over critical signal parameters. Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in the signal processing of the Convert 12A.
The easily portable and rugged enclosure is manufactured using birch plywood and finished with the durable Iso-Flex black paint. The Convert 12A's trapezoidal shape and captive rigging system allow for a 15° splay angle so that curved source arrays of up to six units can be formed-simply and safely. The Convert 12A includes a pole mount socket with variable inclination for use as a satellite unit in combination with subwoofers.
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