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PowerH series of power amplifiers by Dynacord

Announced in January 2006, Dynacord's PowerH series of power amplifiers was highlighted at prolight + sound show 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany. Designed to combine very high power, minimal weight, outstanding audio characteristics, reliability, remote monitoring and control, and networking, Dynacord's PowerH amplifiers match the most demanding applications.
One of the key advantages of Grounded Bridge solutions is the considerable reduction in 'voltage stress' for the power transistors, allowing the design of amplifiers with peak output voltages in excess even of 200V. The use of an extremely stable switching power supply makes a decisive contribution to the very low weight of these power amplifiers, 7kW out of a 2 U housing weighing in at less than 15 kg.
PowerH power amplifiers are ready for integration into IRIS-Net-based audio systems and networks. Retrofittable remote control modules allow for complete system supervision and remote control combined with digital controller functions including ultra-precise FIR filters and optimized loudspeaker protection algorithms.
In addition to Dynacord's manufacturing quality a comprehensive set of protective circuits provides reliability. An integrated micro-controller coordinates tried-and-tested protections against short-circuit, HF or DC at the output, back EMF, overheating and open-circuit operation, the power-up current limitation and dynamic audio limiters as well as making additional new and highly intelligent protective functions possible. The temperature in the power amplifiers is monitored at six spots points and the front-to-rear fan controlled accordingly. Reaching thermal worst case conditions, the CPU activates a voltage limiter or gain reduction to avoid shutdown. All corrective measures are displayed and a log is created.
The THD, intermodulation distortion (IMD-SMPTE) and dynamic intermodulation (DIM) are well below 0.05%. PowerH power amplifiers therefore have a significant amount of headroom at their disposal, which results in superior dynamics even with low loads.
XLR IN/parallel OUT sockets are provided along with additional Phoenix connectors. The input sensitivity is switchable between 0dBu, +6dBu and 32dB Constant Gain. There are switches for bridged operations and parallel / dual as well as a Ground Lift switch. The power outputs are implemented as Speakon sockets with parallel binding posts.
Dynacord PowerH Endstrufe
H 5000H 2500
2 x 2500W / 4Ω2 x 1450W / 4Ω
2 x 3500W / 2Ω 2 x 1900W / 2Ω
2 U / 14.5 kg2 U / 14.2 kg
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