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L-Acoustics introduces K2 and Panflex technology

At Prolight + Sound show 2014 in Frankfurt L-Acoustics introduced K2, a line source with Panflex horizontal steering to replace legendary V-DOSC. In June 2014, K2 makes its US show debut at InfoComm 2014, Las Vegas, booth # C11908. The L-Acoustics K1 system has achieved international recognition and is today the prime choice of engineers for the largest stadium tours and outdoor festivals. Its sonic performance, its fully integrated system package and its rider friendliness are considered as the industry benchmarks. With K2, L-Acoustics offers K1 performance in a rescaled package. The K2 already won a prestigious Prolight + Sound International Press Award (PIPA) 2014.
The K2 system's flexibility makes it suited to both permanent installation and touring applications, from theatre to stadium productions. The main system components are the K2 full-range element (with Panflex horizontal steering, operating from 35 Hz to 20 kHz), the K1-SB low-frequency element (reinforcing LF contour down to 30 Hz or LF throw down to 35 Hz), the SB28 low-frequency element (extending the operating bandwidth down to 25 Hz), and the LA4X/LA8 amplified controllers or LA-RAK in a touring rack fitted with three LA8.
The 3-way quad amplified design and the transducers' resources (capacity to deliver high SPL with combined sensitivity and high voltage handling) are among the characteristics giving K2 the ability to perform in many applications and with an unmatched performance/weight ratio. Any on-site deployment can be easily and quickly achieved thanks to an ergonomic, fast and captive rigging system.
A K2 line source utilizes the characteristics of Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST). Inter-element angles can be set with laser like accuracy up to a generous 10˚, allowing the optimisation of the vertical coverage with SPL smoothly spread across the audience.
K2 employs the L-Acoustics Panflex, a unique horizontal steering technology which combines mechanically adjustable fins with DSP algorithms effective from 300 Hz. Four different settings are possible: two symmetric (70° or 110°) and two asymmetric (90° as 35°/55° or 55°/35°). By combining WST and Panflex, L-Acoustics exclusively addresses the control of directivity in both vertical and horizontal planes. As a result K2 can match the complex shape of any audience geometry with best sonic performance and minimum noise pollution.
L-Acoustics K2
L-Acoustics K2 line source wins Prolight + Sound International Press Award 2014
The K2 enclosure can be deployed as a standalone line source. For applications demanding extreme LF impact (contour mode), or maximized LF projection (throw mode), K2 can be arrayed with its dedicated and flyable K1-SB LF extension. The K2 system can also address applications with demanding infrasonic reproduction when combined to the SB28 subwoofer. Before installation, any system configurations can be acoustically and mechanically modeled with Soundvision 3D simulation software.
For touring applications, K2 can be associated to the LA-RAK, a universal distribution platform for power, audio signals and network which facilitates cross rental between rental companies. LA-RAK houses three LA8 amplified controllers and can be flown onto a K2 array. Other applications can feature LA8 amplified controllers. For high-end installation projects, K2 can also be driven by the LA4X amplified controller.
The LA8/LA4X amplified controller constitutes an advanced and precise drive system for the enclosures. All L-Acoustics amplified controllers feature the L-Drive, a thermal and over-excursion protection circuit. Up to 253 LA8/LA4X amplified controllers can be connected together via the Ethernet-based L-NET protocol. The LA Network Manager software allows online remote control and monitoring of all the connected units, via a user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface, and features the Array Morphing EQ. This tool allows the engineer to quickly adjust the tonal balance of the system to reach a reference curve or to ensure consistency of the sonic signature.
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