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HK Audio launches speaker management system

HK Audio chose Plasa 2005 for the launch of its digital speaker management system DSM 2060, plus several additions to its recently-introduced ConTour Series. The company also exhibited a number of new products for the first time in the UK.
The DSM 2060 incorporates high-end 24-bit, 96-kHz converters for accurate digital signal processing, a frequency response up to 40 kHz, two separately configurable inputs and six outputs, up to six parametric EQs and two shelving filters per input and output channel, input delays of up to 400 ms and output delays of up to 80 ms to facilitate setting up delay zones and time alignment of loudspeaker components in multi-amped systems. Different limiters with optimally preconfigured attack and release times can be applied to each output in steps of 0.2 dB to protect the speakers and drivers. Crossovers include Butterworth, Bessel, and Linkwitz-Riley, with selectable slopes from 6 to 24 dB. Plus the unique HFT fourth-order and eighth-order crossovers which facilitate slopes of 36 and 52 dB, yielding a natural signal, smooth transitions in the crossover regions and faster roll-off rates. This minimises distortion and expands the effective frequency range of the drivers, allowing speakers to deliver higher volume levels and achieve an overall higher headroom.
HK Audio's ConTour Series of high-performance nearfield cabinets, which deliver high sound-pressure levels, high headroom and outstanding clarity over short to medium distances, is the latest addition to HK's Concert Sound. ConTour has already found favour with Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain who has been using the ConTour Series as drumfills on the recent 'Rip it Up' summer festival tour across Europe and the US. New to the ConTour range at PLASA will be the dedicated left and right versions of the CT 112 and CT 115 models so that symmetrical pairs can be put together for monitor use, plus the Event Set, four flight-cased CT108 cabinets complete with all flying and pole-mounting hardware.
Showing for the first time in the UK wa HK Audio's ELIAS PX system, offering musicians greater flexibility and improved performance. Producing 1600 watts of continuous power, ELIAS PX has substantially more power than its predecessors. This added power yields several advantages, including a tighter, more manageable bass response.
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