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Inter-M's Kensington Mixing console provides British sound

Available in frame sizes including 24, 32, and 40 channel models, the new Kensington Series of mixing consoles from Inter-M debut at prolight+sound 2005 with a sneak preview showing one of the line's first functional engineering samples. With stylish looks, an ergonomic layout, rugged mechanical design, and a host of high-quality features, the Kensington product group is ideally suited for live sound reinforcement, theatre, houses of worship or any other application requiring a full-featured mixing console. The new consoles bring together the expertise and experience of a renowned team of design engineers, led by Miyajaki Yuichi of Inter-M and Dave Dearden of Audient plc (UK), as well as Inter-M's manufacturing resources, to deliver a mixer with outstanding audio performance along with flexible facilities and features.
With 48-volt phantom power supplied individually at each of the inputs, other onboard features offered at each channel include a mic preamplifier with low noise/distortion and high dynamic range, four-band 'British EQ' equalizer with a pair of swept mid-band frequencies, sweep high-pass filtering, eight auxiliary sends with pre-fader switching, LCR panning, four mute groups, and direct outputs.
Dual-purpose in design, every Kensington console is additionally outfitted with Inter-M's "Fader Flip" system, which provides "flip" capabilities at all the sub-groups and aux output, thereby making the desk suitable for applications where both FOH and monitor needs are able to be served by the same console. An optional meter bridge permits viewing all sub-group and main outputs, although the consoles are provided with 16-segment LED meters on the console operating surface as standard.
A total of six stereo returns is found on each Kensington model, each of which incorporates a three-band EQ section, a pair of aux sends, full sub-group assignment, and a solo system. True LCR mixing is provided, especially for high-end installations in auditoriums and churches. A 4-output matrix provides additional capability. A full talk-back system is also supplied, with presets made available at aux, group, and mix outputs. The internal signal generator provides a switchable-frequency tone generator and a pink noise generator.
The consoles have been designed with careful attention to the latest standards, such as the AES standard AES48-2005, which addresses proper cable termination and grounding/shielding techniques. And for critical applications, the power supply is designed to permit the addition of a redundant supply for fail-safe power supply back-up.
Inter-M Kensington mixing console
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