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DiGiCo releases V685 software for its range of digital consoles

UK digital solutions manufacturer has released V685, the latest software upgrade for its range of digital mixing consoles. It is the power of DiGiCo’s proprietary Stealth Digital Processing that allows the company to unlock a large amount of new features with each new software version for live, broadcast and theatre applications.
V685 includes increased buss count for the SD9 from 16 to 24 Flexi Busses, SD11i/B input channel count increased from 32 to 40 Flexi Channels, support for Optocore DD4MR, DD2FR, X6R and DD32R devices in audio I/O, and support for the D-Rack AES input card and the addition of the D2 Rack as an I/O device. Any SD5, SD8, SD9, SD10 and SD11 running Waves 9.5 will now have 32 stereo Waves racks. Live and theatre versions now offer Aux Sends on Groups.
For the theatre, the Relative Faders in Cue Groups is now a Macro command, Auxs, Groups and Matrix channels can now be added to channel sets, and Channel Cues now defaults to showing names.
For broadcast applications, Backstop PFL is now functional on output busses and there is a new option on the SD7B and SD10B for Speaker Mute to do Dim.
"Waves is happy to provide the increasing number of DiGiCo SoundGrid MultiRack users, the added benefit of doubling their rack capacity,” comments Mick Olesh, Waves EVP Sales & Marketing. “Increasing the number of racks provides DiGiCo SoundGrid users the capability of running 32 racks of Waves and 3rd party plugins to their workflow."
“It was always our intention to ensure that our SD range of consoles was a future proof as we could possibly make it,” adds DiGiCo managing director James Gordon. “We believe we have the most comprehensive range of consoles currently on the market that deliver exactly what our customers need and want, whatever the changing demands of their use requires. Being able to deliver such substantial upgrades again and again means that they should stay that way.”
V685 is being provided free of charge for an introductory period. For full details of this, and of the wealth of new features and functions, please visit
DiGiCo Software V685
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