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APG provides extra versatility to Uniline by adding 18” subwoofer

APG is further extending the scope of its modular line array system, Uniline, with the introduction of a second dedicated subwoofer UL118B at Prolight + Sound show 2014, Frankfurt.
The advent of the UL118B has wide-ranging implications as it increases the modularity and scalability of the Uniline system at every level, particularly for high power applications such as arenas, stadia, or large outdoor festivals. Typically, UL118B will be used in conjunction with UL115B as infra bass extension for big systems. It may also be used instead of UL115B for small to medium-sized systems looking for a bit more low-end than can be provided by a 15” sub.
The product specifically was requested by Uniline customers who are suppliers to the TV market. More and more TV shows require the power and sub bass extension of an 18” sub, but sight line constraints mean that they have to be flown. Indeed, the same applies to any application where space is at a premium and thus requires that the subs be flown.
APG Uniline UL118B
UL118B contains a single high power, convection-cooled 18” neodymium transducer mounted in a double-chamber band-pass speaker enclosure. This design provides optimal efficiency gain as well as excellent control over the diaphragm displacement for increased reliability and reduced distortion.
The integrated 4-point rigging system makes it easy to fly or groundstack using the same rigging accessories as the rest of the Uniline range. Cardioid and arc configurations are also possible thanks to the Speakon connector on the front.
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