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TG 1000 digital wireless microphone system by beyerdynamic

Unveiled at Winter NAMM 2013, Anaheim, CA, and also showcased at ISE 2013, Amsterdam, and Prolight + Sound 2013, Frankfurt, beyerdynamic takes its advanced TG 1000 digital wireless system to InfoComm 2013, Orlando, FL, Booth #127 and #742. Using a switching bandwidth of 319 MHz, TG 1000 offers a reliable long-term solution regardless of redistribution of radio frequencies.
Wireless microphones in town halls, theatres, universities, civic centres, churches, night clubs, businesses and conference hotels could be unusable as of January 2013 – at least if they transmit using a frequency that has been assigned to the mobile Internet or the new LTE technology. The regular redistribution of radio broadcast frequencies, the growing number of digital TV programmes and the new LTE mobile wireless technology are forcing wireless microphone systems to ever changing frequency ranges. But even in the ranges assigned to the wireless systems, users experience increasing problems due to massive disruptions caused by new technologies. Providing a bandwidth of 319 MHz (UHF 470 to 789 MHz), the TG 1000 overcomes interferences by other users in the assigned frequency range and the system’s huge bandwidth enables it to function worldwide.
In order to provide pristine sound qualtiy for any application, beyerdynamic’s TG 1000 digital wireless covers an impressive dynamic range of 128 dB and digital 24-bit converters provide high-resolution, professional audio transmission. With distortion-free sound reproduction even in the ultra-deep bass range (20 Hz) and clear audio transmission, the system will not only impress speakers but also the most demanding performers, classical artists as well as rock musicians. The company’s proprietary TriplePlay Codec enables the new digital wireless system to easily achieve lowest latency times (2.1 ms), high fault tolerance, top-quality sound reproduction and high performance level. Its operating range of up to 300m provides mobility. The TG 1000 system’s five different interchangeable microphone capsules always provide the right microphone for everyapplication, whether it’s the unique TG V90r ribbon microphone, a dynamic or a condenser microphone.
“Speaking of ribbon microphones,” product manager Tobias Sacher is happy to add, “of course our TG V90r ribbon microphone capsule can easily be combined with the new TG 1000 system thanks to the interchangeable capsule concept. The world’s only ribbon microphone whose extraordinary design with a cardioid polar pattern provides an impressive performance even at live concerts on loud stages is now even more versatile. No matter which system is used – whether digital or analogue, wireless or not – now no singer has to do without the natural, silken sound of our TG V90r.”
The TG 1000 system features intuitive one-button navigation, illuminated control elements and a large, high-contrast OLED display. The new Chameleon software enables web-based control of the system not only with computers, but also with smartphones or tablets. Professional productions in particular will benefit from the comfortable 24-channel cascading, which allows smooth, interference-free parallel operation of up to 12 dual receivers without antenna splitters. “With its very wide range, both in terms of frequency and integrated features, the TG 1000 is a system that will become established worldwide. It can be used practically anywhere in the world at any indoor or outdoor event,” adds Ulrich Roth, Head of Research and Development at beyerdynamic.
beyerdynamic TG1000 System
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