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SysTune measurement to be integrated into Lake Controller

At InfoComm 2012, Lab.gruppen and Lake announced the agreement with AFMG to enable SysTune measurement integration in Lake Controller. Under the stewardship of Lab.gruppen, Lake has reached an agreement with industry partners AFMG to develop SysTune measurement integration into the Lake Controller platform for live sound production. With a prototype already undergoing testing, this new level of cooperation between AFMG and Lake looks to herald a much anticipated development for end users in the field, with integration between Lake’s industry leading processing platform and SysTune’s advanced measurement capabilities.
SysTune is real-time, professional measurement software that embodies a host of major features including spectrogram, transfer function, real-time IR, Virtual EQ, SPL/LEQ and SSA filter for high noise immunity. Their latest update comes with an automatic delay alignment function and support for mobile devices.
“Having the measurements from SysTune as an integration into Lake Contoller will give the users even more flexibility and freedom of choice in order to achieve the ultimate system tuning solution,” said Martin Andersson, Product Manager – Touring, for Lab.gruppen and Lake. “This kind of engagement with AFMG helps reinforce Lake’s position as a leader in live sound digital audio processing, and I look forward to seeing the integration take place.”
“SysTune has been available since 2008 and has quickly found a strongly growing user base worldwide,” said Stefan Feistel, Product Manager at AFMG. “Integration between measurement packages and DSP control software is the logical thing to do. AFMG is very happy about this continued cooperation with Lake. Thanks to Lab.gruppen’s fast and dedicated support SysTune users will soon benefit from the new features.”
Innovation-driven cooperation between AFMG and Lake dates back to the 90s, where AFMG and Lake implemented the first PC-based, real-time auralisation in EASE, the industry standard for sound system modeling.
With SysTune integration already undergoing testing in the field over the summer festival season, an announcement regarding a full release for end users is expected in late 2012.
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