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APG introduces compact DX8 multipurpose monitor speaker

Launched at Prolight + Sound 2012 in Frankfurt, DX8 is the latest addition to the highly successful Dispersion Series of high quality, multipurpose, monitor speakers from French loudspeaker manufacturer APG. Little brother to DX15 and DX12, the DX8 is the ultra-compact, light weight model that everyone has been waiting for.
Like the rest of the DX range, DX8 is a coaxial loudspeaker. The coaxial arrangement of the drivers provides a wide and perfectly coherent sound field even in nearfield applications. The choice of a coaxial configuration (no horn) and acoustic baffling with no side flanks limits distortion and diffraction. As a result the DX8 features a very high level of sonic accuracy and optimized gain before feedback for “studio monitoring” type performance.
It is suited for a wide range of applications, from sound reinforcement for small and mid-sized venues to distributed sound for large open spaces; delay or in-fill for high-power PA systems, and more. Its compact dimensions and crystalline clarity recommend DX8 for applications where discretion needs to be combined with high quality sound reproduction. DX8 is particularly suitable for front-fill applications as it displays a very low profile when used horizontally.
According to APG, DX8 is ideal for theatre, TV studios, conference rooms, and more. Combined with APG subwoofers, it provides a powerful compact system for sound reinforcement in small venues or theatres and performance spaces as well as for conferences, exhibitions and fashion shows.
A number of flying and mounting accessories are available as well as dedicated processors depending upon the application. Furthermore, the handles on the back make the enclosure easy to handle.
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