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L-Acoustics takes Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus to InfoComm 2012

L-Acoustics Arcs Focus line source array Launched at Prolight + Sound 2012 in Frankfurt, L-Acoustics' Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus Constan Curvature WST line sources made their North American debut at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas. The systems are based on two constant curvature enclosures holding distinct directivity pattern and SPL capabilities. Intended for medium-throw applications in rental productions and fixed installations, these line sources deliver remarkable acoustic properties and unmatched versatility for many applications, including FOH L/R systems, central clusters, side-fill monitors, distributed systems and complementary fills.
The main systems components consist of Arcs Wide wide coverage element (H x V: 30°x 90°), Arcs Focus focused energy element(H x V: 15°x 90°), SB18m low frequency extension which operates down to 32 Hz, and LA4 or LA8 amplified controllers.
The Arcs Wide or Arcs Focus line sources provide high SPL with perfect acoustic coupling, solid LF performance and constant tonal balance over distance. Both systems can be deployed as either a horizontal or vertical array. In the coupling plane, the Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus yield a sharp directivity pattern, valuable to sector audience fields while avoiding reflective surfaces. In the other plane, both systems provide a 90°symmetric directivity pattern.
The Arcs Wide is designed to achieve an extensive coverage with few elements, offering a compact array that preserves sightlines. The total coverage angle of an Arcs Wide line source is proportional to the number N of enclosures in the array (i.e. N x 30°).
The Arcs Focus line source focuses the same acoustic energy within half of the coverage angle(i.e. N x 15°). The Arcs Focus is therefore suited to achieve a narrower coverage, offering a higher SPL with a more extended throw than its sibling.
The Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus can also be deployed in 'WIFO' hybrid arrays for complex audience geometries.
"Offering scalable coverage from 15 or 30 degrees to a full 360, Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus are truly 'plug and play' systems suitable as mains or fills for most events. Couple that with L-Acoustics' reputation and rider acceptance, as well as the convenience of cross-renting product with Network Agents, and we believe that these two new systems will prove themselves to be solid, enduring investments with high ROI and long-term resale value for our rental users," explains L-Acoustics Marketing Director Stéphane Ecalle. "For installations, the systems’ coverage can be tailored to fit optimized installation budgets, and the dual directivity pattern can provide effective solutions for challenging room acoustics. With tightly-packed arrays, the system tidily preserves sightlines and is architecturally friendly, offering an IP 45 protection rating for outdoor installations. Sound designers and engineers will undoubtedly appreciate the familiar sonic signature, predictable coverage pattern, intuitive rigging, and single preset approach for both cabinets." Ecalle emphasises: "But the bottom line is the investment effort. With Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus, we are offering kits that are extremely evolutive in both performance and pricing. So in addition to delighting our existing client base, many others will now finally be able to make the L-Acoustics dream a reality."
Products are expected to start shipping in the third quarter of 2012.
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