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D.A.S. passes milestone of 10,000 production units of the Aero 12A system

Launched in late 2009, D.A.S. Audio announces that the Aero 12A powered line array modules has crossed the line of 10,000th manufactured units in July 2013. The D.A.S. The versatility of the D.A.S. Aero 12A systems has led to their use in a range of concerts staged by major acts, including world-renowned artists George Benson, Justin Bieber, Alan Parsons, Guns N’ Roses and Simple Minds.
The systems have also become regulars at festivals around the world such as the Ultra Music Festival in the U.S., FIB and Arenal Sound in Spain, Eristoff in India or Gods of Metal in Italy. Not to mention that the Aero 12A´s have also been on hand to provide sound reinforcement at a variety of non-musical events on an international scale, like the F1 European GP and Barack Obama’s campaign in the United States.
The virtues of the D.A.S. Aero 12A make it a system that can provide much more than just live sound. Highly suitable for permanent installs, the Aero 12A´s have brought quality sound to venues such as theaters, concert halls, clubs and arenas worldwide, including the Paradise Theater and Stage 48 Club in the U.S., the Broendby Hallen Arena in Denmark and the Buesa Arena in Spain. The system’s versatility has undoubtedly played a crucial part in the Aero 12A’s success.
10,000 units of Aero 12A by D.A.S.
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