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Yamaha introduces UNioN system design philosophy at PLASA 2010

Introduced at PLASA 2010 in London, UNioN is a system design philosophy which is being promoted by Yamaha Commercial Audio in Europe. Based on the company’s corporate slogan ‘Creating Kando Together’ it recognises that exciting music experiences can never come to life without people and technology working together. A UNioN network integrates Yamaha consoles and stage boxes with 3rd party devices to expand the possibilities of networking audio for live events.
Based on the Ethersound ES100 redundant ring topology, UNioN combines Yamaha components with those from a wide range of other manufacturers - including Teqsas, Neutrik, Waves, AuviTran and Steinberg - offering the highest redundancy level on the market. UNioN networked systems deliver extremely high audio quality by optimising the distribution methods in the digital domain, with each signal passing AD and DA only once. Each UNioN system is designed with a dedication to audio quality, offering 24-bit AD and DA conversion and microphone pre-amps, rock solid digital clocking circuitry, 32-bit peripheral architecture, 58-bit fixed point DSP platform, audio-dedicated power supply design and CE compliant electromagnetic shielding.
With the possibility for including mixing functionality, speaker processing, power amplification, effect processing, 3rd party DSP plug-in functionality, audio distribution, routing and recording, a UNioN based system provides a 0dBFS system level to all output modules, eliminating level mismatches, amp and speaker clipping.
Components can be connected anywhere in any order, with multiple returns and feeds existing in any quantity within the network’s bandwidth. A UNioN design can also support 48 channel network recording to a Windows computer, without the need for additional hardware.
Non-audio Ethernet based components include video over Ethernet, DMX and ArtNET, while Ethernet-based user interfaces include wireless systems using laptops and tablets. Additionally connectivity over CobraNet and Dante, non-licensed audio networks such as OptoCore, Rocknet and AVIOM, and point to point connection formats such as MADI and LightViper are also supported through third party interface cards.
“As a networking solution, we believe that UNioN significantly increases the efficiency of touring logistics, compared to analogue and point-to-point systems, which will generate significant cost benefits for the user,” says Nick Cook, European Marketing Director of Yamaha Commercial Audio Europe. “At the same time, UNioN removes virtually all distribution constraints caused by conventional cabling, allowing sound designers to expand their creative options. Inputs from throughout the network are available anywhere to be picked up by any Yamaha digital console or DME digital mixing engines. Importantly, the UNioN design philosophy supports incremental additions and, therefore, investments. The high degree of compatibility and the massive market presence of UNioN compatible products allows systems to be temporarily expanded very easily, by hiring additional components.”
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