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VMB launches ARK-DSP and QB-series of loudspeakers

At prolight+sound exhibition 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany, VMB has released its new ARK series of processors, replacing the Arkeops and DAC range. The ARK-70 and ARK-20 are the latest in the series of digital processors designed, assembled and manufactured by VMB offering 7 different models with 2 or 4 inputs each and with up to 8 outputs, analogue or digital with Ethersound optional.
Double Dynamics are standard in all ARK-70 models. An RMS limiter is used to adjust the transducer reproduction level, maintaining the original dynamics while preserving the original transients to achieve a better acoustical result. A peak limiter controls the movement of the voice coil, protecting it from damage and reducing distortion. With fixed latency of 0.5ms the ARK-70 is very fast.
All ARK units deliver a dynamic range of 120dB using high performance Cirrus Logic AD and DA 24bit converters running at 96kHz sampling rate. The internal DSP processing uses floating point precision for more headroom with an internal resolution of 56 bits.
The ARK-70 also offer atmospheric compensation – essential when working outdoor where temperature and humidity vary considerably causing noticeable loss in high frequency, especially at long distances. Each output can be configured separately depending on the throw required from each cabinet.
The ARK software has been designed for fast user access to make each processing zone simpler for the user. A 'Compare' function option enables the user to listen to the difference between two complete set ups in real time. As well as being able to import measurement curves from the major systems like SMAART LIVE, CLIO, SAT Live and others, which can also be seen directly in the final frequency response window showing the effects of the process applied. All ARK processors can be configured and monitored in real time via USB or Ethernet.
Each input offers up to 29 filters of parametric equalization which can be switched to graphic EQ. Each output also features parametric EQ which can be changed between adaptable or constant Q, All Pass, Band Pass, Notch, HP Q, LP Q or High and low Shelves. Crossover filters with high and low cuts of Linkwitz Riley, Bessel, Butterworth (48 dB/oct in 6 dB steps) are available. Further features include polarity, gain and delay on inputs and outputs, routing of any input to any output and a signal generator with sine and pink or white noise.
The QB series is VMB's latest range of passive cabinets comprising of 9 full-range and 6 subwoofer cabinets. The line has been designed to be a compact, high performance range of cabinets which offers a complete solution for portable and fixed installation applications.
All QB Series full range cabinets are fitted with with wide horn-drivers and supplied with high frequency OCPP protection (Over Current Passive protection). All subwoofers come with SWR (Stationary Wave Reduction) to reduce internal stationary waves. All QB Series cabinets are finished in a rugged, premium birch plywood and coated with high resistant water-based black paint and a strong steel grille. Cabinets are also available in white on request.
A selection of professional accessories and rigging is supporting a broad range of installation solutions. For QB Series simulation and planning, VMB’s free Rainbow Prediction software is available. Rainbow offers an accurate prediction for any sound reinforcement project with both horizontal and vertical planning available.
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