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Innovation award for Carlsbro's Liberty wireless system

Unveiled at Plasa 2005, Carlsbro's Liberty Wireless WP100 system is designed to replace audio cabling for an unlimited amount of powered speakers in many applications. The new product from Carlsbro electronics won the prestigious award for innovation at the Professional Light and Sound Association show in London. The judges were unanimous in their praise for this unique product, hailing it as 'a true workable innovation that does exactly what it says on the box'.
The Carlsbro Liberty Wireless System allows any number of powered speaker configurations to be linked together with a mixer, without the hassle of loads of cables and without the loss of quality which is due to the uncompressed signal which broadcasts audio over the 2.4GHz band (2400 to 2482 MHz).
Carlsbro designed the system specially to work with active speakers built for professional audio (PA) applications both for indoors and outdoor environments, for professional audio uses in concerts, outdoor performances and many other commercial audio applications to replace audio cabling.
Commenting on the award Carlsbro's managing director Andrew Bishop said, "Considering the quality and large number of entries that the awards attracted from major global brands, it is recognition for the hard work and belief that all of our team have in developing and producing products, that will make a difference to the musicians and professionals in our industry these are exciting times at Carlsbro, we are creative people and have numerous innovative, practical ideas many more of which you will witness in early 2006."
Plasa innovation award for Carlsbro Liberty Wireless system
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