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beyerdynamic launches Cat5 wired conference solution Orbis at InfoComm14

Representing a combination of modern technical features and outstanding high quality audio, beyerdynamic launched its wired conference system Orbis (Latin for circle) at InfoComm 2014, Las Vegas. During the development phase particular attention was paid to making this digital system easy to manage. Successor of beyerdynamic’s wired conference solutions MCS 20 and MCS 50, Orbis is designed for use wherever discussions are to be held requiring the highest possible speech intelligibility.
Orbis by beyerdynamicThe central control unit and the microphone units are wired to each other using standard Cat5 cables. The closed ring simultaneously supplies the microphone units from both sides with uncompressed digital audio signals and voltage. Orbis is ready for operation as soon as it is connected without requiring complicated software configuration.
Features such as silicone push-buttons with multi-colour backlighting and tactile feedback, as well as a headphone connector or an induction loop for assisted listening, meet the requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The microphone units are available in a variety of fitted or desk-top versions.
The heart of the system is the desktop control unit which can also be integrated into an AV rack. A single-button navigation allows for intuitive operation. The backlit display shows the operating modes, not requiring any sub-menus. Additional microphone units can be connected during a conference without causing any interruption; the system automatically identifies all additions or replacements.
While up to 100 microphone units can be operated from one central control unit, a redundant operation with all units connected in a loop allows for up to 50 microphone units to be connected to the central control unit. Orbis achieves its system capacity by means of particularly economical microphone units that consume less than 1 watt per unit at maximum volume. The central control unit only requires 1.5 watts in stand-by mode.
The RS-232 interface in the Orbis central control unit allows the system to be connected to a media control unit making operation and control of the conference system particularly convenient. Orbis is highly flexible because microphone signals can be transmitted via different outputs. The system can be used for a variety of applications, such as telephone and video conferencing, or for including a foreign language channel. Thanks to the integrated recorder each meeting can be recorded without the need for external equipment. The digital audio recording is saved on an SD card that is inserted into a slot on the central control unit.
The chairman and delegate microphone units are finished with a coating that was originally developed for the automotive industry to be particularly hard wearing and scratch resistant. The operating panel is made of hardened acrylic material. The cables can be connected from underneth or the rear of the unit. Strain relief is provided for these cables. Pre-drilled holes allows the microphone units to be affixed to the table if required.
The gooseneck microphones are available in four different lengths and, if needed, can be replaced quickly. beyerdynamic’s Scudio technology reliably eliminates interference caused by mobile phones.
Intelligent construction of the microphone unit housing ensures that it does not slip when set up on a table top. Vibration transmission is reduced effectively further improving signal quality. A unique feature of the Orbis system is its inlay panels which can be tailored to the customer’s requirements in terms of color, material and push button labelling.
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