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Furman to introduce new power conditioners at ISE 2010

At Integrated Systems Europe 2010, Amsterdam, Furman will showcase the Prestige Series Balanced Power Conditioner P-2300 IT E and Voltage Regulator/Power Conditioner P-6900 AR E which were introduced at Winter NAMM Show 2010, Anaheim.
The P-6900 AR E provides voltage regulation, power protection, and filtration for A/V professionals. The P-6900 AR E is a 30A power conditioner/voltage regulator providing Furman’s True RMS Voltage Regulation Technology, ensuring stable voltage to connected equipment, along with Furman’s SMP/LiFT/EVS technologies for professional-level protection and linear AC noise filtration.
The P-6900 AR E provides stable voltage output selectable between 230V and 240V. Furman’s True RMS Regulation Technology utilizes an ultra-low noise, microprocessor-controlled, eight-tap torroidal autoformer, assuring quiet operation for critical listening and recording applications with minimal leakage of stray magnetic fields. The unit provides maximum longevity and performance for connected equipment, particularly for A/V installations that experience voltage fluctuations, or mobile A/V racks which may be subjected to generator power or unstable voltage at different locations. The P-6900 AR E also features a switchable front-panel digital voltmeter/ammeter with a color-coded voltage range indicator for comprehensive power monitoring and a front-panel USB charger for cell phones, personal media devices, or to power a USB lamp.
At 30A capacity, the P-6900 AR E is ideal for large installations, sound reinforcement applications in which power amps are utilized, or any situation where high current capacity is needed. The rear panel features a 30A C-Form inlet connector with included female mating connector for termination of a custom line cord, one 30A C-Form outlet, two high-current IEC C-19 outlets, and six IEC C-13 outlets. Two IEC C-13 convenience outlets are located on the front panel.
Designed for the most critical, ultra-low noise installations, the P-2300 IT E can supply balanced and isolated AC power for recording studios, broadcast stations, video production facilities, or any environment requiring a studio-quality signal-to-noise ratio.
Furman’s balanced power provides dramatic noise reduction through the use of a symmetrically balanced isolation transformer. This noise reduction is highly efficient and linear across a huge frequency range, eliminating the masking effects of AC line noise, especially with high-bandwidth, high-definition program content. The P-2300 IT E features a specially wound and shielded torroidal balanced isolation transformer specifically designed to reduce hum pickup by sensitive equipment when ultra-low noise is a must. Additionally, it is the only 220V-240V balanced power conditioner featuring Furman’s revolutionary SMP/LiFT/EVS to ensure worry-free protection and uncompromising performance for connected equipment.
The P-2300 IT E offers 14 balanced, GFCI-protected IEC C-13 outlets (12 rear panel, two front panel) with a total operating capacity of 10A. A front-panel display features a switchable and dimmable digital voltmeter/ammeter with color-coded “Voltage Range,” “Protection OK,” and “Extreme Voltage” indicators for comprehensive power monitoring. A front-panel USB outlet allows the user to charge personal media devices and cell phones or power a USB lamp. The unit ships with 2.5-meter IEC C13 female-to-Schuko-male power cord.
Furman P-2300 IT E
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