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JBL Professional introduces Vertec training program

Vertec Training Program by JBL ProfessionalBuilding upon the growing popularity of JBL Professional’s Vertec line array system products, the company has recently moved to establish a formal Vertec Training Program. Now being held at the JBL factory on the Harman International Business Campus in Northridge, California, the intensive 3-day program provides attendees with a hands-on learning experience resulting in formal qualification of Vertec system use. The sessions have been designed to integrate line array theory, product-line applications, and practical knowledge and skill in the areas of system design, setup and optimization.
Initial sessions have already included registered attendees from nations as diverse as Canada, Spain, Turkey, India, England, France, Japan, Venezuela, Thailand, Russia, South Africa, and the United States. Numerous globetrotting tour sound technicians with intensive schedules have already been able to take advantage of the comprehensive Vertec line array product and systems knowledge now being distributed by JBL Professional. “I have used Vertec systems for many years,” advised Kazuo Takei, owner of Public Address, Inc. of Tokyo. “But now, being able to visit the JBL factory and receive first-hand updates on Vertec product development and the new V4 DSP files, this has been quite valuable to our company.”
Over the course of three days, attendees are exposed to classical line array theory, Vertec passive and powered system model attributes, system power formats and file protocols for JBL’s upcoming new V4 DSP preset data, the Vertec line array calculator and advance modeling techniques, array assembly and suspension practices, JBL DrivePack technology and HiQnet System Architect Software, and Vertec field-application case studies. Each session also includes a technical tour and listening session at a high-profile performance venue equipped with a full-scale Vertec sound system. Lunches, course documents and software are provided along with a certificate of completion.
A primary goal of JBL’s Vertec Training Program is to blend theory and practice in a meaningful way for entry-level technicians and veteran system engineers alike. “With a large and growing installed base of Vertec system owners in all world regions, including many of the industry’s leading tour sound rental firms and performance-audio venues, we have responded to demand from our global system owners’ network to establish a formal training facility and program,” noted David Scheirman, Vice President, Tour Sound, JBL Professional.
Leading the instructional curriculum for the Vertec Training Program including presentations by JBL product managers and application engineers is Paul Bauman, JBL’s Director of Tour Sound Product and Application Engineering. Having earned a B.Sc. in Physics and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University (Canada), a Master’s Degree in Physics from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and with Ph.D. candidate studies at Chalmers University of Technology’s Department of Applied Acoustics (Sweden), Bauman has over 23 years of professional audio and global touring industry experience. His professional work has included key positions at a leading international concert sound rental firm, and at respected loudspeaker system manufacturers.
“The Vertec Training Program is appropriate for Vertec system owners and technicians, performance-venue audio staff who work with Vertec system products in permanent facilities, and independent system engineers who encounter Vertec systems in touring situations,” notes Bauman. “Attendees of this course will leave with a better understanding of how to communicate about, plan the use of, and optimize JBL Vertec line array system products.”
VTP sessions are held monthly. To facilitate advance planning for system owners and tour sound technicians they are pre-scheduled through November 2008. Sessions are open to the professional audio industry on a reservation basis, with preference shown to Vertec system owners.
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