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New DJ courses at SAE Miami in 2005

SAE Institute announces three new DJ courses at its Miami campus designed to offer students distinct directives within its Turntable Essence program, established in 2003. The classes (Turntable Essentials, Advanced Techniques and Basic Beat Construction) provide an opportunity for DJs and turntablists to gain advanced practical training while learning valuable production and recording techniques at SAEs Miami's state-of-the-art studio complex.
The three new courses, to begin in January (Turntable Essentials, Advanced Techniques) and February (Basic Beat Construction) 2005, will offer distinct paths tailored toward an individual's level of experience and personal goals within the industry. Six-week courses consisting of six hours of class and four hours of lab time per week are available.

Turntable Essentials

The stepping stone to learn the techniques needed to become a DJ in today's competitive market. Individual classes run the gamut of essential turntable fundamentals needed for all basic performance styles. Topics covered include hearing, equipment, set-up, history and theory, along with hands-on lab time to master basic mixing, scratching, recording and production techniques.

Advanced Techniques

Recommended for graduates of Turntable Essentials and for already established DJs looking to enhance their skills. This program sets precedent in the student's realization of how to use the turntable as an actual instrument, as well as integrating the art of VJ-ing, or Video DJ-ing, into the turntablist's vocabulary of skills. Students also learn to master live recordings using Pro Tools. Courses present advanced mixing and scratching techniques, as well as turntable musicality, recording and advanced studio production.

Basic Beat Construction

Aimed at the advanced DJ or turntablist who wants to hone compositional as well as professional skills as an artist or producer, with special emphasis on creating original beats and styles using sampling and sequencing techniques. Curriculum also includes basic marketing and business strategies to accompany the valuable skills acquired, and prepare the student for real-world business scenarios. Class and lab time cover basic computer knowledge, music theory and structure, and sequencing and sampling, along with business overview classes to help the graduate maintain proper artistic and monetary management upon graduation.
Commenting on the new DJ curriculum, SAE Institute Founder and CEO Tom Misner stated, "In the short time since we began offering the Turntable Essence program we have seen such a rapid growth in interest that these new courses were the next logical step. Once the DJ community became aware of what SAE Miami had to offer as far as the level of professional training and hands-on time available, the pace really began to pick up."
12/2004 Pro-Music-News
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