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Fishman launches TriplePlay tutorial web page

Fishman launches a new section on the TriplePlay web page. TripleTalk will offer tutorials on various topics related to Fishman's wireless guitar controller TriplePlay and answers some of the common questions (and misconceptions) about the product and technology. Fishman Customer Support Manager Frank Padellaro tackles topics such as using TriplePlay with an iPad, pickup installation on a Telecaster-style bridge, and using GuitarRig to get audio from your magnetic electric guitar pickups.
Users may email their questions, comments or suggestions which may be selected for an future blog entry on TripleTalk. In addition, readers may send comments and additional questions on existing subjects, which will be shared online as a forum style entry.
Links to video and written tutorials will help users find the answers they need and get the most out of the powerful technology that TriplePlay offers. The blog will also provide photos and screenshots, including step-by-step visuals to help illustrate solutions in a clear and effective way.
The informal style of TripleTalk is meant to create a fun yet informative environment for all things related to TriplePlay. We encourage you to check it out and send in your own questions, tips and comments here.
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