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Duran Audio training events on October 30 and November 1, 2012, Madrid

Duran Audio /Axys will be holding two training events in Madrid, Spain, on October 30 and November 1, 2012. Designed specifically for consultants, installers, integrators and AXYS business partners, the training sessions will offer a thorough grounding not only on the AXYS products but also system design within difficult acoustic environments. These training events are open to invited guests only, for registration contact
Day one will start with a product overview and the focus will then move onto the popular AXYS Intellivox range. The Intellivox range, first introduced in 1996, was the pioneer of beam steering. AXYS Intellivox units have since been installed in Airports, Atriums, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Theatres, Concert Halls, Museums, and many more difficult acoustic environments all over the world to provide highly intelligible speech reproduction.
Topics on day one include AXYS product overview & demonstrations, basic ohysics of loudspeaker arrays, AXYS directivity concepts commrosing DDC - Digital Directivity Controk (Beam Steering) and DDS - Digital Directivity Synthesis (Beam Shaping), Intellivox overview, Intellivox demonstrations, Intellivox design basics, AXYS WinControl Software overview, and Intellivox as part of a compliant PA/VA system.
Day two will focus on how to successfully design and commission systems based on Intellivox products. Attendees will not only learn how to design systems using the AXYS DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) modelling software but they will then have the opportunity to re-create this design in a real life demonstration. In addition to the Intellivox products ther will also be a look at the Target Arrays (for touring and installed sound) and the AXYS Beam Shaping Subwoofers.
Topics on day two shall include an introduction to DDA, DDA classroom exercises, Intellivox practical exercises, multiple array setups, design tips & demonstration, AXYS Target (DDS driven line array demonstration), and AXYS beam shaping subwoofer demonstration.
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