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Shure Europe has initiated a sponsoring program for schools and academies in Germany specializing in audio education. The program, aimed at advancing the quality of audio, broadcast, and multimedia education throughout Germany, provides Shure products and educational support valued at about Euro 400,000 ($360,000 USD) to 17 institutions across the country.
Werner Roth (Robert Schumann Hochschule, Düsseldorf) und  Jens Stellmacher, Shure Europe Applications SpecialistShure Europe's sponsorship is one of the largest any audio manufacturer has made in audio education in the European market. The decision to make the investment comes at a time when Shure takes over direct distribution in Germany and public funding of educational institutions is diminishing. ''This was an excellent opportunity for us to make a statement to educators, students and competitors about our commitment to audio education and the German market," says Markus Winkler, Managing Director Shure Europe and Shure Distribution GmbH.
The program provides each of the 17 vocational schools with a customized flight case built expressly for training purposes. With over 20 microphones and related accessories inside each case, the package is additionally equipped with a MK2 UHF wireless system, FP33 mixer, a PSM 400 in-ear monitor system and a DFR11EQ digital feedback reducer.
In addition to providing equipment, Shure Europe Application specialists, led by Jens Stellmacher, are in the process of conducting educational seminars at each of these schools. Targeted to reach 1000 students over a three-year period, these seminars will focus on audio fundamentals and hands-on product training. Institutions supported by the program include the Siemens AG Media Academy, School for Broadcast Technology, and Berlin's Center for Communications and Media Technology.
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