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Kurzweil K2500 Tutorial CD-ROM

Synth-Tek announces the first in a series of 4 learning CD-ROMs dedicated to the Kurzweil K2500 synthesizer/sampler workstation in 2000. CD-ROMs (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced & VAST) are designed to teach everything one needs to know to become a power user. A step-by-step, narrated and illustrated guide explains every aspect of the instrument.
Compress technology squeezes an 20+ total hours of learning with a searchable database, frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips, searchable glossary of terms and 105 complete tutorials. The CD-ROM is Mac & PC compatible, no hard disk installation required, low RAM requirements, works on any Power Mac (system 7.6 or higher) or Pentium PC (Windows 95 or higher) with a CD-ROM drive.
Topics: K2500 overview, connecting pedals, power, audio outputs, SCSI, MIDI, operating system overview, soft buttons, data entry, auditioning sounds, MIDI controllers, memory management, objects, determining O/S version, loading sounds, reset, muting & soloing a layer, creating a custom QA bank, transposition, object database, basic effects editing, panning, crossfade, split programs, velocity switching, formatting disks, local keyboard channel, drum channels, keymap selection, and more.
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