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'Icon' clarinet bells by Buffet Crampon for any clarinet

Buffet Crampon launched the new Icon clarinet bells at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, and will also take them to Musikmesse Frankfurt 2014. The Icon bells join the Icon barrels that made a very successful introduction in 2013 as aftermarket accessories for B-flat and A clarinets.
The Icon bells follow a similar aesthetic design first innovated by the Icon barrels, featuring select, unstained African blackwood and a choice of three different ring plating finishes: silver, black nickel or gold. The rings are more narrow than standard bell rings and are only found at the top socket of the bell (the bottom lip of the bell is ringless). Each ring finish produces a different resonance and response that is unique to each individual player. The bell is also narrowed at the midpoint and the bell flare has been redesigned to optimize projection of airflow. Icon bells are 30% lighter than traditional bells, creating a highly centered sound that facilitates tone production. The lighter weight also makes the upper register more fluid and low notes rich and powerful.
Icon bells are universal in both key and brand compatibility. Icon bells work on both B-flat and A clarinets and are designed to enhance any manufacturer's clarinet, not just Buffet Crampon instruments. The bells can also be used on intermediate and student clarinets in addition to professional models.
Buffet Crampon Icon clarinet bell
Buffet Crampon Icon Bell Buffet Crampon barrels
Buffet Crampon barrels
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