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DPA offers Super Audio CD about miking a Grand Piano

DPA Microphones has produced a Super Audio CD with a number of stereo comparison and demonstration recordings of a grand piano. It is a hybrid SACD and can be played on both regular CD players and SACD players. On this CD the artist Niels Thybo plays seven of his own compositions on a grand piano, miked up with different microphone kits from DPA. Each kit is suitable for various microphone placements. The enclosed booklet describes a number of useful ways to record and amplify a grand piano. As every piano, room, and player is different, all setups should be regarded as guidelines.
Every sound engineer who ever had to record or amplify a grand piano for the first time can tell stories about hours of moving microphones and different takes before getting the sound right - or at least right for the situation. A detailed guideline including acoustic examples as well as explaining microphone positions and distances should be a great help - not only for working with DPA microphones.
Guideline to miking a grand piano by DPA microphones
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