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ConEq to measure and fix linear distortions in audio systems

At prolight+sound 2006 in Frankfurt, Violet Design gave a preview to ConEq, a tool to measure and fix linear distortions in an acoustic system. The final product is anticipated at 120th AES in Paris.
Violet Design promises ConEq to be a true acoustic power measurement and automated correction technology offering the opportunity to correct linear distortion of an electro-acoustic transducer (loudspeaker and/or microphone) without creating other unwanted defects and problems. The true correction technology is based on the principle of the evaluation of an electro-acoustic transducer by its acoustic power frequency response (PFR). There have been historical speculations of advantages of this approach instead of sound pressure level frequency response at a given point of the room or free acoustic field but a technical solution was never realized before.
According to Violet Design, ConEq clearly demonstrates the advantage of acoustic PFR measurement. The PFR assessment of electro-acoustic transducer is so accurate that it allows immediate creation of the respective correction filter. In a similar way ConEq can be used to measure and correct the performance characteristics of microphones.
The ConEq technology has been tested with various acoustic systems in different environments such as simple PC and consumer audio devices, sophisticated high-end home and car sound systems, professional studio monitor systems, and large complex sound reinforcement systems. Demonstrated to sound professionals, all experts stated considerably improved performance.
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