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Pioneer releases the DJM-1000 professional DJ mixer

Pioneer DJM-1000 mixerAt Plasa 2005 Pioneer released the DJM-1000 professional DJ mixer, a robust installation grade mixer. Pioneer's heritage in digital technology has been used to create a high-grade digital audio path for the DJM-1000. The mixer has a 24-bit/96kHz digital sampling rate and a 32-bit/96kHz digital sound processor. The DJM-1000's digital input-output signal path allows for transparent signal processing of Pioneer's CDJ and DVJ series of digital decks. Analogue input signals are also digitised by a high quality A/D converter and mixed to the audio. The unit has a rigid chassis to minimise vibrations and a high performance power supply.
The inclusion of a 3-band Master Isolator allows the user to control the levels from +6dB to 'Kill' in each band. It can also be used to attenuate and accent partial bands. A 17 phase fader curve allows adjustment not only of the cross fader curve but also the curves of the channel faders. This enables DJs to customise the feel of the mixer to suit their own personal style.
The DJM-1000 is also designed to integrate easily with the new Pioneer EFX-1000 Effector along with future Pioneer Pro-DJ products. A new Sound Link / EFX Link function is used to control other Pioneer equipment via a link cable. A BPM Synchronise Function synchronises the BPMs of all attached equipment, i.e. CDJs and an EFX unit. A Visual Link Button enables control of visual effects and fades with the Pioneer MIDI cross fader. The ALPS line faders can be easily changed for rotary versions giving clubs the flexibility to cater for DJs preferences.
"What makes a good mixer is a number of things and this has them all. Awesome sound, tank style build, two send and returns for separate FX units which can both be digitally linked and controlled by the cross-fader which also boasts complete curve control. At last someone has made a mixer I'd be happy to use in any situation. Whether it's DVJing, Effecting, Scratching or fluid beat matching this is the all round winner," comments DJ James Zabiela.
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