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Stanton launches CD players and mixers for the aspiring DJ

Stanton C.500 rack-mount CD player Stanton has introduced two new models of rack-mountable dual CD players for DJs, C.500 and C.501. "The C.500 and C.501 are excellent examples of the depth of Stanton's product line," says Henri Cohen, Stanton's Worldwide Director of Sales & Marketing. "While the C.500 provides an affordable, high-quality solution in dual CD players, the C.501 adds the capability of playing MP3s, making it a powerful addition for any mobile/club DJ, bar, restaurant, or musician/producer."
The new C.500 is Stanton's most affordable dual CD player, created for anyone requiring a simple, easy-to-use rackmount system. The C.500 offers easy jogwheel control over pitch bend/frame search. Club DJs will appreciate its ability to scan tracks quickly with +10 Track skip search. Pitch adjustment is offered in versatile +/- 4, 8 or 16% increments, while Auto Cue, Fader Start, and Relay Play capabilities lend a high degree of control for an affordable playback tool. For digital audio mixers and recording systems, a S/PDIF digital output is included.
Stanton's C.501 takes the rugged design of the C.500 and adds some key features to increase its flexibility for pro DJs. In addition to standard audio CDs and CD-Rs, the C.501 plays back MP3 discs, allowing DJs to burn files of downloaded music. A 20-second anti-shock buffer prevents CD 'skips' on the C.501, which offers the same jogwheel control over pitch bend/frame search as the C.500. Similarly, the unit also has +10 Track skip search, versatile pitch adjustment, Auto Cue, Fader Start, and Relay Play functions, plus a S/PDIF digital output for connecting to digital systems.
Stanton M.201 DJ MixerSupplementing their comprehensive mixer line, Stanton has debuted two new 2-channel mixers designed for the aspiring DJ with the M.201 and M.202. "The M.201 and M.202 address the introductory DJ market with quality and value not found in other affordable mixers," says Pablo La Rosa, Stanton's Marketing Manager. "They've got all the features up-and-coming DJs require, along with Stanton's impeccable reliability and audio quality."
The M.201 features a newly designed long lasting crossfader, along with two selectable Phono/Line inputs, and a microphone input. Allowing for more flexibility, the M.202 is a high quality, affordable DJ mixer with a long-lasting crossfader and a 2-way curve adjust for mixing or scratching. Optical technology further extends the crossfader's life when used in 'Cut' mode. The M.202's interfacing includes two selectable Phono/Line inputs, and a Microphone input. Also, Fader Start outputs allow DJs to control the playback of fader start-compatible CD players such as Stanton's C-Series CD players.
Both, the M.201 and M.202 provide a 3-band EQ per channel with +9/-26dB boost/gain, Gain and EQ for the mic input, and Cue Pan and Cue Volume controls.
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