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Technics SL1200 cable upgrade for DJs

The days of retrofitting SL1200 series Technics Turntables with replacement cables and RCA jacks of questionable quality are over. Hydrawire announces their most recent product offering DJ's and audiophiles a much needed solution.
In one convenient unit, Hydrawire's kit combines all of the parts necessary to replace Technics SL1200 series stock cables. The Hydrawire kit comes pre-assembled and ready to solder in. Highest quality components and genuine Technics parts are used.
Canare crimp RCA connectors are used for the destruction-proof performance. They are designed to resist 150 lbs. of pulling force before separating from the cable. The full metal shell around the shield contact means no accidental crushing if stepped on. As an added bonus, the Techflex braid covering the cables keeps the ground wire hidden and tangle-free. The ground wire can also be removed easily if desired.
The cables remain the same from the internal circuit board all the way to the RCA connectors themselves. This ensures a consistent, proper electrical signal direct to your mixer. The sound of the turntable is never compromised.
upgrade kit for Technics SL 1200 turntables
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