Scratch your MP3s with Denon DN-S3000

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Denon is introducing the DN-S3000 professional tabletop CD/MP3 player with active turntable platter for real-time user interaction. The live motor-driven "active platter" can be used to scratch, backspin, brake, search, and otherwise manipulate as if it was an analog turntable. To complete the authentic feel of analog scratching, Denon adds a clear vinyl disc with vinyl grooves on top of the included slip mat and slip-sheet. In addition, any 7" vinyl record can be installed on the DN-S3000 by using the provided adapter, allowing DJs the freedom to use their favorite vinyl record for the ultimate analog turntable feel.
Designed with the professional DJ in mind, the DN-S3000 combines many sought after features for a comprehensive and versatile scratching solution based on the technology of Denon's DN-S5000. The robust 7.5" motor-driven active platter allows the DJ to scratch and search down to 1/75 second resolution, while an onboard sampler provides up to approximately 15 seconds of recorded data. The 2-way scratch functionality allows the user to either scratch the currently playing CD/MP3 or the stored sampled data, which can be overlapped with the current CD playback. Furthermore, turntable platter effects such as Drag-S, Brake, Dump, Reverse, and real-time "active platter" scratching can be applied to both CD and MP3 files.
Denon's proprietary MP3 File Search System allows the user to instantly access any MP3 file on data disc with or without file folders.Since you can store hundreds of MP3 files on one disc, Next Track Reserve makes it easy for you to "SLAM Mix" to another track of your choice on-the-fly.
Utilizing Denon's X-Effect control ports, users can further increase their control options, allowing shared Memo data between the DN-S3000 and a Denon DN-D9000, DN-2600F, DN-S5000 or an additional DN-S3000. X-Effect enhancement also allows control of the DN-S3000 via Denon's DN-X800 DJ Mixer.
Other DJ-friendly features include a Seamless Loop function with user-defined A-B points for CD, MP3 or Sampler playback with Scratch Disc adjustable A-B Trim/Move, Hot Start playback from the assigned Start Point Cue, and a Stutter Cue Play point.
The DN-S3000 comes housed in a sturdy steel frame construction with steel top panel and features brushless motors for optimal performance and longevity.
Deneon DN-S3000
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