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SAE Institute announces the establishment of Djschool at SAE, the newest addition to its worldwide educational audio and multimedia programs. The inaugural session, 'Turntable Essence', concentrates on both fundamental and advanced DJ techniques as well as equipment interface, music theory, and DJ musicianship. The new course offers a comprehensive and cost effective three month study aimed at everyone from beginners to professional DJ musicians looking for an added edge to further their art or take the next step in their musical career.
Announced at the Winter Music Conference in March 2003 SAE's new Turntable Essence program was initiated to support the increasingly popular dance and urban music industries and offer instruction for these artists within a technically advanced facility. Drawing on SAE's experience worldwide as a leader in audio education the program is able to offer students access to hands-on training in SAE Miami's facilities. The program - to be led by SAE alumni Jay Borland (DJ Jase) and fellow DJ Glenn Barretto (DJ Excess) who also serves as Director of Operations for Styluswars Records, both chosen for their given accomplishments and accolades industry wide - will offer students a combination of DJ-specific classroom curriculum and instructional lectures, professional demonstrations and interactive lab assignments. Classes, which will be limited to groups of 12 students, will cover technical aspects of equipment and formats, styles of scratching and mixing, advanced recording and production, and a music business overview intended to give students a real-life look at the role of the DJ in the music industry.
Special events to be held throughout the course of the program include guest DJ showcases by such artists as Ned Hoddings and The Allies, a chance to submit demo mix tapes for professional critique, and programs on marketing and promotional tools for the industry. SAE's industry supporters will also offer product demos and professional support and training on their latest gear.
Pictured below: Jay Borland (DJ Jase) and Glenn Barretto (DJ Excess) show off SAE Miami's DJ lab
Jay Borland (DJ Jase) and Glenn Barretto (DJ Excess) show off SAE Miami's DJ lab
Aside from the benefits students are afforded by attending an internationally renowned institution, the unique new Turntable Essence avocational program also offers financial assistance through SAE. The 'pay-as-you-play' assistance is available to students of all ages wishing to attend the course.
Tom Misner, president and founder of SAE Institute and the Studios 301 Group states, "The growing popularity of the DJ genre and their expanded presence in an increasingly varied amount of today's music, from jazz to traditional rock and R&B, as well as the increase in affordable DJ equipment, has boosted the need for well-trained and well-informed artists and engineers. SAE feels that it is important to include these individuals and their art within the bounds of our audio curriculum."
The first session of Turntable Essence will begin its 12-week run on May 5th 2003 at SAE Institute's Miami campus.
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