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Porter & Davies upgrades all drum monitoring systems

Porter & Davies announce the latest, most significant upgrade to their complete range of drum monitoring systems which will be showcased at Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound show 214, Frankfurt, Hall 8, stands D81 and A65. The UK based design and manufacturing company (inventors of the BC2, BC2rm and BC Gigster using bone conduction to feel the sound with the speaker built into the throne top) have partnered with Precision Devices to produce their own bespoke dedicated tactile transducers developed from the ground up.
The new transducer will be installed in all models giving them a greater frequency response range, plus the new design will make them even more robust and roadworthy. Founders and co-inventors of the BC2, BC2rm and BC Gigster, Tim Porter and Dil Davies said: “while working on new products, planned for launch later this year, we realised that what we needed was a tactile transducer that could offer increased performance, greater power handling and a different set of physical features than the Clark Synthesis transducer we have been using. After careful research, Porter and Davies partnered with the UK based Precision Devices Ltd to jointly develop a product that would be better suited to our future customers’ needs. In fact we are so delighted and impressed with the new tactile transducer that we have decided to utilise it immediately!"
Porter & Davies BC Gigster
Precision Devices, long regarded as the Rolls Royce of the loudspeaker industry, has over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of high power loudspeakers. They have a world wide reputation for producing hand built transducers in England that are renowned for their performance, reliability and durability. Neil Barns from Precision Devices says: “We were approached by Tim and Dil some months ago to look at jointly designing a tactile transducer that would suit their needs and I’m proud to say we have exceeded their requirements. We are delighted to be associated with Porter & Davies and their ground breaking product portfolio.“
Porter & Davies have been at the forefront of drum monitoring technology since the introduction of their revolutionary designed plug and play systems back in 2010, and it is this latest upgrade to their system that makes the BC2 and its siblings even more alive and responsive.
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